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Holi-That one time in the year while devouring maryjane is alright in broad daylight.
Yes bhang!, or weed, gaanja, cannabis or maryjane all are a similar thing. So the grown-ups sharing jug of bhang are doing likewise as the young men smoking pot.

Take a gander at the reliance to harm size of some addictive medications.



X pivot demonstrate to you how risky a medication can be and y hub demonstrates to you the reliance potential or addictive nature of the medication.

Look precisely on the base left of the diagram there is cannabis or bhang, and the privilege to it on a similar stature there is caffeine or espresso. Along these lines, this implies caffeine is more unsafe than cannabis and is same on the addictive ness levels.

From this graph you can likewise break down the potential harm of liquor/tobacco or heroin/coc ain.

Cannabis or ganja is less destructive than tobacco or heroin or even espresso so far as that is concerned.

Individuals regularly order cannabis and cocaine in a similar section of medications, so there is a misguided judgment that cannabis is as hurtful as cocaine.

I for one don't approve or embrace the utilization of pot. In the event that you google about it you will discover a great deal of one-sided articles about it. Some say its the most exceedingly bad thing and some say cannabis is 'god sent'.

In any case, I will give you a fair-minded perspective and show you both negative and beneficial outcomes of pot.


1) Affects mental health in a long haul, particularly for kids beneath 18.

2) Addictive:- We realize that it is as addictive as espresso. Cannabis is not a physiologically addictive substance. Your body doesnt hunger for it if havent done weed for some time however it is mentally addictive i.e individuals simply like being high.

3) Affects your hormone levels-In folks it influences the testosterone levels. It causes a 5% change in your hormone levels for 24 hours. Following 24 hours your hormone levels are back to ordinary.

Its still not as much as alchol which changes your hormone levels by 7% for 24-48 hours

4) All sort of smoke damages your lungs whether it might be cannabis or tobacco.

Presently, getting to the heart of the matter of subject which is not talked about in our indian culture to such an extent. The

POSITIVES of Bhaang or Gaanja.

Nature's greatest anxiety relievers-As your stomach related framework or respiratory framework we additionally have ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM. This framework is in charge of delivering feel great hormones. You more likely than not saw that you feel great subsequent to practicing that is a direct result of this framework. "THC" compound in weed likewise associates with the receptors and deliver same feel great hormone additionally in charge of the 'kick'.

Cannabis additionally helps in treating post traumatic anxiety (PTS) issue. To bite the dust of cannabis overdose you have to take 680 kg of cannabis in 15 mins, I figure a similar measure of drain in that time can be deadly too!!..

Contains CBD (Cannabidiol)- CBD is nature's greatest painkiller. UFC warriors take cannabis for a similar reason. You can ask a specialist that numerous painkillers like ibuprofen has an enormous symptom on your kidney and can even bring about stomach ulcers if taken exhaust stomach, so why not go the normal way.

Therapeutic Marijuana - In USA and Canada pot is being utilized for restorative purposes

Used to treat - Nausea

- weight pick up

- Cancer treatment

- glaucoma

- siezers

- crohn's illness

- Muscle fits


- Anxiety assaults

It's not new Indian ayurveda dependably knew it, but rather we have overlooked it as the vast majority of the things we have.

GO customary way and utilize pot for therapeutic purposes. Incidental bhang is of no mischief yet don't make it a propensity.


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